Garga Samhita 6.1 – Rukmini and Krsna

Çré Garga Muni describes Jarasandha’s defeat, Krsna’s residence in Dvaraka, Lord Balarama’s wedding, the kidnapping of Rukmini, Yadava’s victory when Rukmini is kidnapped, and the marriage of Sri Rukmini.(346 pages, 32 color pages of illustrations, hardbound stitched binding, gold foil and color covers, complete devanägaré, Roman transliteration, word for word meanings, translations by HG Kuçakratha Prabhu, elaborate purports by HH Danavir Goswami, full indexes, and glossary)


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  1. Kisora dasa and Ananta Sarovara dasi

    We have just completed reading your published volumes of the Sixth Canto, it is wonderfully done and a lot of amazing reading. Your edition of the Garga-samhita with your commentaries really sounds very authentic and bona fide, with a very tangible spiritual potency. It is really a great contribution to the Gaudiya Vaisnava literary treasury.

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