Nrsingha Pavitram Malas

This auspicious pavitram is worn by Lord Nrsinghadeva in Mayapur dham. In order to protect His devotee, the saintly child Prahlada, from the persecutions of his father, Hiranyakashipu, the Supreme Lord Krishna appeared as the half-man, half-lion incarnation Lord Nrisimha. For this reason He is worshiped as the protector of the devotees.

Please note that the pavitram may not match the picture exactly.You are meant to wear this around your neck. This item is sacred and should not be put on the floor or put in other unclean places. 




Weight .1 lbs
Nrsingha Pavitram Mala

Large – Blue/Green, Large – Brown, Large – Pink, Large – Purple, Small – Gold, Small – Orange, Small – Pink, Small – Red/White/Blue, Small – Red/White/Green