Puranic Cosmology, Volume 1

Includes the cosmological sections from Viñëu Puräëa, Väyu Puräëa, Märkaëòeya Puräëa and Liìga Puräëa.
Compiled by Çréla Kåñëa-Dvaipäyana Vyäsa

A virtual storehouse of scientific wisdom waiting to be discovered by modern thinkers. Questions which have baffled the world’s best brains for centuries are answered here as easily as ABCD. This book will play a profound role in reshaping our view of the cosmos. The translation was painstakingly done by erudite Vaiñëava scholars and edited by His Holiness Danavir Goswami. (400 pages, 8 color pages of illustrations, hardboun stitched binding, Sanksrit devanägaré, English translations and glossaries.)


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