Tulasi Neckbeads – 1 strand

The Krishna conscious culture teaches that anyone who is an aspiring devotee of Krishna should wear Tulasi neckbeads, for Tulasi is so spiritually potent. Srimati Tulsi devi is a pure devotee of Krishna and by wearing Tulasi neckbeads the devotee benefits from constantly associating with a pure devotee of Krishna and the Tulasi neckbeads have a purifying and protecting effect. One strand of Tulasi is typically worn by aspiring devotees, while at least 3 strands signifies that a devotee has been initiated by a spiritual master.



Srila Prabhupada has said,

“Just as a pet dog has got a collar, similarly we are pet dogs of God. So we have got this collar. And Yamaraja, the Lord of Death will understand that he-the devotee-is God’s dog; he should not be shot down. Because Tulasi kanthi is so important they are never taken off, but they can be replaced.  Anyone who wears Tulasi neckbeads at the time of death is greatly benefited beyond imagination, therefore it is important to keep them on at all times.   Tulasi also identifies one as a follower of Lord Chaitanya.”

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1 Strand Neckbeads

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